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All starts with Chinese Characters.

In the 《易传》(Yizhuan) it is said: “The wise man of a later generation made by writing the 《易经》(Yijing), a break-1 through.” Here “Wise man” refers again to 仓颉[CangJie], “made by writing records the 《易经》(Yijing)”. The so-called “Records” refer to characters, that were carved into the wood using a dagger. The 《易经》(Yijing) are the “Eight Trigrams” invented by 伏羲[FuXi]. The 《易经》(Yijing) uses the principle of Yin and Yang, that applies to all the living things in the earth.

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This is a question which no one can answer clearly and accurately. It is said that an emperor of ancient China once asked one of his very erudite ministers how many characters he knew. The minister answered, “There are as many Chinese characters as there are hairs on the body of an ox. I only know enough to cover one leg.”

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